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TechTutors.Academy is committed to delivering top-tier coding education tailored for students starting from the 9th grade and beyond. Our instructors, hailing from prestigious firms such as Google and Microsoft, bring substantial industry expertise, ensuring students benefit from unparalleled guidance and mentorship.

Learning coding from an early age in school holds immense value. It cultivates critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity. Additionally, as technology increasingly shapes our world, proficiency in coding becomes a crucial asset, empowering students to navigate and contribute to the digital landscape with confidence and proficiency from a young age.

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We tailor our courses specifically for school students, incorporating feedback directly from schools. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to furnish students with essential skills vital for their future endeavors.

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Meet our team of experienced software engineers from top companies:

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Rupesh Kumar

Software Engineer III at Google

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Ridhima Singla

Software Engineer at Microsoft

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